“Be a Dream Child” Contest


Note: The Original Contest Content is from June/2006. Date can change but the we believe Children are the same at all time and want to have the same contest.

The President of India, Dr. AJP.J.Abdul Kalam, in the course of his interaction with children, has been exhorting them to DREAM for the future of India and its people. Recently, at the end of his address to the nation on January 25, he administered an oath to a group of children. For the sake of our young readers, the 10-point oath is reproduced below.

1. I will pursue my education or work with dedication and I will excel in it.

2. I will teach at least 10 illiterate persons to read and write.

3. I will plant at least 10 saplings and shall ensure their growth through
constant care.

4. I will visit rural and urban areas, and permanently wean away at least five persons from addiction and gambling.

5. I will constantly endeavor to remove the pain of my suffering brethren.

6. I will not support any religious, caste or language differentiation.

7. I will be honest and will endeavor to make a corruption free society.

8. I will work for becoming an enlightened citizen, and make my family righteous.

9. I will always be a friend of the mentally and physically challenged and will work hard to make them feel normal, like the rest of us.

10. I will proudly celebrate the success of my country and my people.

Chandamama Fans website invites the children of India to write one para each about whatever they have achieved within 1000 words in fulfilling by April 15th . The contest is open to children between 8 and 15.

Selection Process: All the articles are published in Story section. Who ever gets the most comments will be chosen as the winner. We promise for two prizes with at least Rs. 500 of worth